Browse research documents that were used at various stages of the project to inform planning, engineering, construction and other aspects.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota DNR Environmental Review

Minnesota DNR Environmental Review


2018 Findings of Fact

Plan B Permit

Final Supplemental EIS Materials – completed 2018

Fargo-Moorhead Flood Risk Management Project Environmental Review Record of Decision

Executive Summary

Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

Figures 1-19

Appendix A: Summary of Public Comments and Response to Comments

Appendix A- Attachment: Public Comment Letters/Emails

Appendix B: Alternative Screening Exercise Report

Appendix C: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrology and Hydraulics Report

Appendix D: Houston-Moore Group FM Diversion Plan B Transportation Master Plan

Appendix E: FEMA/USACE Coordination Plan

Appendix F: Flood Diversion Authority Property Property Rights Acquisition and Mitigation Plan v.4

Appendix G: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Adaptive Management and Mitigation Plan

Appendix H: Plan B Dam Breach Assessment

Final Minnesota DNR EIS Materials – completed 2016

Executive Summary

Final EIS

Final EIS Figure

Appendix A – Draft Operation Plan

Appendix B – Adaptive Management Monitoring Plan

Appendix C – DSA Screening Analysis 

Appendix D – Final Distributed Storage Alternative Report 

Appendix E – Adequacy of Modeling Combined 

Appendix F – Fargo-Moorhead Final FEMA USACE Coordination Plan 

Appendix G – FMM Draft Cemetery Mitigation Plan PDF

Appendix H – 2011 Fargo-Moorhead Final Programmatic Agreement 

Appendix I – MNEIS Diversion Socioeconomics Report 

Appendix J – Agricultural Impacts Mitigation Plan 

Appendix K – Organic Farm Inventory Memo 

Appendix L – Response to Public Comments on the Draft EIS 

Appendix M – Purpose and Need and Alternative Rescreen Report

Appendix N – Fargo-Moorhead EIS Hydrologic Methodology Review 

Appendix O – Takings, Flowage Easements and Acquisition Processes 

Cultural Survey Reports

Cultural survey reports needed for specific purposes may be available by request by e-mailing Terry Williams, U.S. Corps of Engineers project manager, at