Land for the Project: How it is Acquired & Managed

On a project of this scale, the processes for mapping, acquiring, construction and mitigation are complex. To facilitate understanding of these processes, the MFDA continues to maintain close communications with impacted property owners as well as provide information and resources to the broader community.

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Interactive Lands Map

Use our interactive map to see the locations of project features as well as impacted land parcels.

View Interactive Land Map

Floodplain With Project

Floodplain Maps

See our region mapped with FEMA’s 100-year flood zones and estimates for how those zones will change after the project’s completion.

View Floodplain Maps

Process & Schedule

Get details on what’s happening with the project’s land acquisition process, read information on how flowage easements are appraised and acquired, and view maps showing mitigation project areas.

Property Rights Acquisition & Mitigation (PRAM) Plan

The PRAM outlines the MFDA’s commitment to applicable state and federal laws, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ requirements, provisions of the settlement agreement, and other programs that address property acquisition impacts and the project’s mitigation measures.

About PRAM

Questions About the Project?

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