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Diversion Channel and Associated Infrastructure

The Red River Valley Alliance (RRVA), a consortium of  internationally recognized companies, has been awarded the contract for the Diversion channel and associated infrastructure for the FM Area Diversion. This includes the design, construction, financing, operations, and maintenance of a 30-mile channel, road and bridge crossings, aqueducts, and other drainage structures. Please direct any questions related to construction or bidding to RRVA’s construction arm, ASN Contractors. 

ASN Constructors is a joint venture of three large and experienced contractors (AccionaShikun & Binui and North American Construction Group) that is building the world-class Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion channel. 

Southern Embankment and Associated Infrastructure

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for the design and construction of the Southern Embankment and its associated infrastructure for the FM Area Diversion. This includes the 20-mile embankment, three large water control structures, environmental mitigation projects, and related infrastructure. These features will be designed and constructed in phases. Please direct any questions related to bidding and construction for the Southern Embankment to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:

Red River Valley Alliance
ASN Constructors
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Other Projects

The Metro Flood Diversion Authority, along with its member entities, is responsible for a variety of other projects related to the FM Area Diversion. This may include removing structures, constructing levees and stormwater lift stations within the City of Fargo or City of Moorhead, and working on rural road improvements. Please direct any questions related to the bidding or construction on these projects to the following:

Kris Bakkegard, Director of Engineering |

Paul Barthel, PMC |


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