Work continues on several projects within the City of Fargo which will enhance the flood protection to be provided after the F-M Area Diversion Project is constructed.

Prep work has been completed on the 4th Street Pump Station along 4th Street South near Dike East. Construction will begin soon. Traffic is not expected to be impacted. Work will also be ending soon on the 2nd Street Pump Station.

The pump stations are part of the Diversion’s levee system throughout the City of Fargo, which are crucial parts of the overall flood protection plan as they allow for safe passage of flood waters through town.

The levees work in conjunction with the accompanying Diversion channel and staging area to pass flood waters from extreme events. More than 500 homes have been acquired to make way for levee construction work in downtown Fargo and throughout town. In addition to mitigating the impacts of the Diversion Project, these intown levees will provide increased near-term flood protection for the internal area of Fargo.

Work on levees near the El Zagal Golf Course in Fargo has already begun but has paused for the winter. That work will continue this fiscal year and into fiscal year 2016.

Design work and construction continues on the Oxbow-Hickson-Bakke ring levee project. The ring levee around the City of Oxbow and the communities of Hickson and Bakke will provide 196 residences with increased flood protection and also mitigate the impacts from the operation of the Diversion Project.

The area within the ring levee is available for displaced residents to rebuild their homes. Six replacement homes are currently under construction.