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Voters in Fargo and Cass County approved of a long-term extension of existing sales taxes for flood protection until 2084. Measures in Fargo and Cass County passed with 66% and 63% percent, respectively. Sales taxes collections will be used to pay for the FM Area Diversion Project and could be sunset prior to 2084 when all project expenditures are paid.

“We have seen a consistent message from residents time and time again. Residents of Fargo and Cass County are willing to do what is necessary to provide for the safety of the city so we never have to sandbag again,” said Tim Mahoney, Mayor of Fargo. “We are pleased to have our local funding in place as the Army Corps of Engineers prepares to start construction later this year.”

“It is clear this project is needed and the desire of the people is to get it done,” said Darrell Vanyo, Diversion Authority Chair and Cass County appointee to the Diversion Authority. “This vote solidifies funding for the project and with the financial plan in place, it is time to move forward to the construction phase of this critically important project.”

To see full election results visit the North Dakota Secretary of State’s website.