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The Diversion Authority wishes to thank the thousands of volunteers who worked hard to provide emergency flood protection for the F-M area during the recent flood in the form of sandbags.

Volunteers who converged on Sandbag Central in north Fargo in April produced a total of 1,700,000 sandbags. 500,000 sandbags were distributed in Cass County, and the rest in Fargo.

The large scope of the emergency sandbagging measures are reflected in the statistics:

  • 4,158 public volunteers donated a total of 22,329 hours.
  • 4,103 student volunteers donated 20,515 hours.
  • 85 Salvation Army volunteers logged 395.5 hours.
  • 35 Red Cross representatives logged 336 hours.

Fluctuating flood forecasts caused, in part, by the unprecedented lateness of the 2013 spring flood led flood fight organizers to re-open Sandbag Central after an initial round of sandbag production. Extra sandbags that were not used during the 2013 flood will be stored for future use. The volunteers not only provided much-needed emergency flood protection, but they have also contributed to potential emergency flood fights in the future.

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