Project Footprint

Comprised of the diversion channel, connecting channel, excavated material berms, shallow drainage ditches outside of the berms, tieback embankment, overflow embankment, control structures in the Red and Wild Rice Rivers,…

Preferred Alternative

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Diversion Authority‚Äôs desired project (discussed as the Project in this Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) that meets the purpose and need, is…

Pool-Riffle System

Deep and shallow portions of an undulating stream bed. Pools are most easily seen in a meandering stream where the outer edge of each meander loop is deep and undercut;…

Phases I-III Cultural/Phases I-II Environmental

Phase I Cultural Resources Survey: An archaeological survey conducted to locate and identify all archaeological sites within a survey area, estimate size and boundaries of identified sites, evaluate potential site…

Overflow Embankment

The structure to be constructed south of the diversion inlet control structure along Cass County Highway 17 at an elevation lower than the east/west portion of the dam. This portion…


Project Management Consultant


Public-Private Partnership


Project Partnership Agreement

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