Fluvial Geomorphology

The study of steam channels, substrate, bank stability, flow characteristics and features or events influential in altering the river and its floodplain.


An additional amount of height above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE) used as a factor of safety (e.g., 2 feet above the Base Flood) in determining the level at which…

Flowage Easement

A flowage easement provides the legal ability to inundate property as part of the operation of the Project. Value of a flowage easement on an individual property would follow the…

Floodplain Forest

A lowland forest deciduous habitat, included as a separate Type 1 wetland cover type.


Any combination of structural and nonstructural additions, changes or adjustments to structures, which reduce or eliminate risk of flood damage to real estate or improved real property, water and sanitation…


A wall built along a shore or bank to protect an area from floods.


Any land area susceptible to being inundated by flood waters from any source.

Flood Stage

An established gage height for a given location above which a rise in water surface level begins to create a hazard to lives, property, or commerce. The issuance of flood…

Flood Crest Elevation

The highest stage or level of a flood as it passes a particular location. Gages along a river record the level of water, and the highest level record at each…

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