Project 43E.3

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Project Name: Oxbow Park Relocation Scope Description: Remove existing Oxbow City Park and construct a new Oxbow City Park. Estimated Value: TBD Estimated IFB Date: November 2017 (Bid package was not awarded in…

Project 42A.1/A.3

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Project Name: In‐Town Levees 2nd Street / Downtown Area (4th St. Pump Station) Scope Description: Replace existing 4th Street pump station, gatewell structure, backup power generator, outfall structure; modifications for the existing…

Project 42F.1S

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Project Name: Flood Control, 2nd Street North, South of Pump Station (Floodwall South) Scope Description: Demolition of 4 residential homes, constructing earthen levee, modification and replacement of storm sewer, modifications to sanitary…

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