The Corps of Engineers’ Supplemental Environmental Assessment (EA) was held in 2013 to document the changes made since the federal Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was published in July 2011.

Col. Daniel C. Koprowski, commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Paul District, signed documents which updated the EA in September, 2013. Any documents receiving updates have also been updated here.

Note: Some documents are large. They might take additional time to download.

Main Report

Supplemental Environmental Assessment (Updated September 2013)
Letter to Interested Parties
Public Notice


Section 404(b)(1) Evaluation Supplement 1 (Updated September 2013)
Programmatic Agreement Amendment No. 1 (Updated September 2013)
Finding of No Significant Impact (Updated September 2013)


Appendix A – Project Alignment (Updated September 2013)
Appendix B – In-Town Levees (Updated September 2013)
Appendix C – Oxbow/Hickson/Bakke Ring Levee (Updated September 2013)
Appendix D – Hydraulics and Hydrology (Updated September 2013)
Appendix E – Public Comments (September 2013)
Appendix F – Comments and Responses (September 2013)


Diversion Inlet Gate Analysis
Diversion Inlet Gate Analysis Final TM

Fargo Fisheries Assessment
Final Report
Evaluation of Fish, Benthic Invertebrates and Physical Habitat of Rivers Potentially Affected by Diversion Project (Microsoft Access 2002-2003 file)
Evaluation of Fish, Benthic Invertebrates and Physical Habitat of Rivers Potentially Affected by Diversion Project (Microsoft Access 2007 file)

Flows Through Flood Damage Reduction Area
Final Report
Appendix A – Residual Flood State Inundation Maps
Appendix B – Hydraulic Evaluation Results
Appendix C – Operation and Maintenance Background Data
Appendix D – HTRW Review
Appendix E – Conceptual Mitigation Plans
Appendix F – Conceptual Mitigation Opinion of Probable Costs
Appendix G – Project Schedule

Geomorphology Study
Final Report
Appendix A – Field Investigation Notes
Appendix B – Field Investigation Results
Appendix C – Current Conditions Discharge-Duration Curves
Appendix D – Historic Conditions Discharge-Duration Curves
Appendix E – Future Conditions Discharge-Duration Curves
Appendix F – Current Conditions Elevation-Duration Curves
Appendix G – Historic Conditions Elevation-Duration Curves
Appendix H – Future Conditions Elevation-Duration Curves
Appendix I – Specific Gage Records
Appendix J – Level II Rosgen Worksheets
Appendix K – Level III Rosgen Worksheets
Appendix L – Historic Cross Section Comparisons
Appendix M – Future Conditions Hydrology Curves (FCP Alignment)
Appendix N – Future Conditions Hydrology Curves (LPP Alignment)
Appendix O – Monitoring Cross Section Endpoints
Appendix P – SIAM Analysis
Appendix R – Independent Review Comments and Comment Responses
Appendix S – Incipient Bank Overtopping Analysis

Oxbow Hickson Bakke Ring Levee
Technical Memorandum

Post Feasibility Southern Alignment Analysis
Final Technical Memorandum
Main Report Figures

Wetland Determination Report

Supplemental Environmental Assessment (EA)