Diversion Authority Public Outreach Committee


2 P.M. – Wednesday, August 26, 2020

In-Person and Virtual Meeting

Fargo City Commission Chambers

Download the Agenda

  1. Meeting minutes
    1. July 22, 2020 Meeting Minutes
  2. Outreach Activities Review
    1. Legislative Topics
      1. Cass County Legislative Caucus
      2. Construction Tour
      3. Update with Rep. Armstrong
      4. Keeler Town Hall
    2. Property Owner Topics
      1. CLOMR Update
      2. Drain 27 Wetlands Landowner Meeting recap
      3. Meeting with Townships
    3. Other Reports
      1. Communications Plan Review and Schedule
      2. Analytics
      3. Construction Video Updates
      4. Community Engagement
        1. Lake Agassiz Kiwanis
  3. Committee Input on Outreach Activities Plan for Upcoming Months
    1. Review Activities
      1. Diversion Podcast
      2. Social Media Development
      3. ND Water Topics Overview Committee in Fargo
    2. Suggestions and Input for September, October and November
  1. Adjournment

Meeting Documents are available at www.FMDiversion.gov


Media and Public Participation Information


There are multiple ways to attend or watch this public meeting.

  • View the Meeting on Fargo TV or at www.TVFargo.com
  • View the Meeting on the City of Fargo’s Facebook or Twitter feed.
  • View the Meeting at FMDiversion.com/Meeting
  • View the Meeting at Twitter.com/FMDiversion
  • Listen to the meeting by calling the free conference call number
    • Call in number: 701-298-6904
    • Conference Code: 3632#