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Representatives of the F-M Area Diversion Project continue to hold and attend various meetings in order to keep the public and other stakeholders informed about important details regarding the Project.

The Diversion Project Public Outreach Team coordinated closely with the Cass County Joint Water Resource District to host an Open House on the Oxbow-Hickson-Bakke Ring Levee Project. The Open House was held at the Hickson Community Center in Hickson, ND on November 17. Area residents were invited to attend the public meeting, which provided updates on Project design, the 2014 Project construction status, and the construction schedule for 2015 and beyond. Several documents, illustrations and maps are posted in the Oxbow-Hickson-Bakke Ring Levee section of the Library.

The Outreach Team continues to work with Diversion Authority representatives and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide information to various interested groups that invite the Authority to their meetings. Diversion Project representatives attended the North Dakota Water & Pollution Control Conference on October 14 in Fargo, and will attend the upcoming 2014 Joint North Dakota Water Convention and Irrigation Workshop in Bismarck, ND in December.

Outreach continues to local legislators, especially those in North Dakota as funding for the Diversion Project is considered this upcoming session.

Assistance continues to the Business Leaders Flood Taskforce in order to provide its Minnesota and North Dakota members with information about the project. The Taskforce has scheduled its next meeting for December 16.

Representatives from the Diversion Authority are available to meet upon request by any interested party.