EDITORS NOTE: The Diversion Authority will post a regular project update to provide a brief overview of the status of the project and ongoing activities. For more information, contact info@fmdiversion.gov.

Environmental and Permit Review

Review of the permit application for “Plan B” is underway by the Minnesota DNR. Plan B was officially submitted in a new permit application to the Minnesota DNR in March. As part of the MDNR’s review, the MDNR is working on a draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS). The Draft is expected out later this summer. For more information on this study and associated permit application visit http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/input/environmentalreview/fm_flood_risk/index.html

The Corps will also be conducting a Supplemental Environmental Assessment (SEA). That is expected to be done around the same time as the MDNR’s SEIS work.


The City of Fargo and the City of Moorhead continue their efforts to improve in-town flood protection infrastructure in accordance with Plan B, which would allow a controlled 37’ through the Red River in a 100-year flood once the Diversion Project is in place. Work in Oxbow to provide flood protection to the City also continues.  Construction on other Diversion Project features is currently on hold due to a federal injunction and permit review by the Minnesota DNR.

Flood Protection Tour Opportunity

On August 1, the North Dakota Water Education Foundation will be touring the Fargo/Cass County area to learn about the flood protection projects in place, underway, and future plans. More information on the tour can be found at http://ndwater.com/files/2018%20Summer%20Water%20Tours.pdf.


Last month the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers received $35 million for Fiscal 2018 work. To date, $92 million has been appropriated of $479 million that is expected from the federal government.