Industry Day Attendee List

Presentations shown at Industry Day:

Diversion Authority Industry Day Presentation
USACE presentation by Aaron Snyder, Chief, Project Management Branch
USACE presentation by Terry Williams, Project Manager & Gwen Davis, Contracting/ Small Business

Industry Day Evite
One-on-One Meeting Opportunities:

Prospective equity sponsors and/or lead contractors of potential bidders for the Project are invited to request a one-on-one meeting with the Authority and its advisers to discuss the Project; such meetings will be held following the Industry Day session in Fargo on June 7 (afternoon only) or June 8 (morning only) or, alternatively, during the course of the Infra-Americas P3 Infrastructure Forum 2016 in New York on June 15-16 (mornings and afternoons).

Prospective equity sponsors and/or lead contractors should email their request for such a one-on-one meeting to before 5pm (Central Time) May 24, 2016 and should specify the name of the firm(s) requesting the meeting together with a preferred date(s) and time(s) (morning or afternoon).