The Diversion Authority has approved a plan to manage properties acquired to build and operate the Project. The plan will help the Authority exercise fiduciary and other responsibilities arising from acquired properties; address liability and risk; properly manage physical assets to be a good neighbor, and properly manage physical assets to allow construction and operation of the Project.

The plan specifies the following:

Property Management: Diversion Authority-owned property will be managed appropriately for the type and use intended. The Diversion Authority or its designee will pay taxes and assessments; secure appropriate insurance; perform general maintenance; provide security, control access and use for recreational, agricultural, or commercial purposes; provide flood prevention; and control weeds and pests.

Sale or Disposal: Diversion Authority properties not needed, in whole or in part, to construct or operate the Project may be sold or otherwise disposed of by appropriate means as allowed by law.

Rent/Lease: The Diversion Authority may lease properties in accordance with existing policy.

Relocation: The Diversion Authority may sell properties for relocation.

Demolition: The Diversion Authority may sell properties for salvage and demolition. Demotion materials will be disposed of and remediated as necessary by a qualified contractor. The Diversion Authority will reclaim or revegetate the site to a condition appropriate for future use intended by the Diversion Authority. In lieu of sale, the Diversion Authority may donate a property to a non-profit organization for salvage.

Flowage Easement: The Diversion Authority may place a flowage easement on property prior to sale.