The flood protection ring levee project around the City of Oxbow, ND and communities of Hickson and Bakke took a positive step forward today as the Cass County Joint Water Resource District agreed to advertise for bids on the first phase of the Oxbow-Hickson-Bakke (OHB) Levee project. The Cass County Joint Water Resources District will manage all activities related to the OHB Levee, as it has the authority to complete the project and has completed similar projects in Cass County.

The OHB Levee project will provide approximately 200 residences in North Dakota with permanent flood protection as an independent utility, but has been designed and will be constructed in a way that will allow it to ultimately be integrated with the F-M Area Diversion Project if the Diversion Project is authorized and funded.

The OHB Levee project is being fully funded through funds appropriated by the North Dakota legislature and through local sales tax revenue in Cass County and Fargo. No Minnesota entity, including any Minnesota member of the Diversion Authority, will provide funding for the ring dike.

The Cass County Joint Water Resource District is a member of the Metro Flood Diversion Authority. The Diversion Authority board assigned the responsibility to manage the OHB Levee project to the Cass County Joint Water Resource District at its meeting today. This decision was made because of the experience and capabilities of the Cass County Joint Water Resource District.