Construction on Work Package 43A of the Oxbow-Hickson-Bakke (OHB) Levee project, which will protect these communities from water that would be stored upstream of Fargo-Moorhead by the Diversion Project, has been completed. Design is continuing on remaining sections of the Levee.

The status of the OHB Levee project is as follows:

  • WP-43A (Levee) – Completed levee construction
  • WP-43C (Levee) – Completed 65% submittal and continued design work
  • WP-43D (Pump station, road raises, internal drainage) – 65% submittal scheduled for end of October
  • WP-43D.3.A (Gatewell prefab vertical drainage -“Preload”) –  Construction started
  • WP-43E.2.A (Demo) – Completed demolition of 333 Schnell Drive

Work on levees within Fargo is also progressing. Here is a list of various projects underway, and project statuses:

  • WP-42H (El Zagal) – Started construction
  • WP-42A.2 (2th St. N PS) – Awarded construction contract
    • Industrial Builders, Inc. (IBI): $8,069,000
  • WP-42A.1 & A.3 (4th St. PS and 2nd St. So. Floodwall) – Bid opening scheduled October 21, 2014
  • WP-42F.1/F.2 (Floodwall and Utilities) – Continued design and coordination with New City Hall project