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Four maps showing the new, detailed alignment of the proposed Diversion Project; and a flood duration map of the Staging Area; are now available for download in the Maps section ofFMDiversion.com

The maps incorporate the alignment shift that took place after the Corps of Engineers revised the diversion channel alignment and associated features over the past few months.

The four alignment maps show the overall alignment, the Maple River to the Diversion Outlet, the Sheyenne River to the Maple River, and the Inlet to the Sheyenne River.

The changes result in significant cost savings, reduce the number of impacted residential structures, reduce impacts to Richland and Wilkin counties, and increase efficiency and operation of the diversion channel.

Changes were made to the western alignment, south of the Maple River to the Sheyenne River, and the southern alignment. The western alignment change resulted in moving the diversion channel west of the Highway 94/Raymond interchange and the existing Sheyenne Diversion Project, leaving the Horace to West Fargo diversion channel separate from the proposed diversion channel.

Changes to the southern portion of the project included adding gates on the inlet structure, moving the diversion approximately one mile north, adding levees through town and eliminating Storage Area 1.

These changes are not considered final until the supplemental Environmental Assessment is complete, which is scheduled for July 2013.

Also, a map comparing the duration of various levels of flooding with, and without, the Diversion Project in place in the Diversion’s Staging Area is also available in the Maps section.

The Corps and Diversion Authority will continue to work together to improve the project and inform the public of all decisions.

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