ND Bonding Bill Ensures Commitment to FM Area Diversion Project

The Metro Flood Diversion Authority (MFDA), together with Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney and West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis, thanked legislative leadership in North Dakota for their innovative approach to funding major infrastructure in the State, specifically their commitment to the FM Area Diversion Project (Project). With the introduction of House Bill 1431, related to bonding, in the North Dakota 67th Legislative Assembly, $435.5 million in additional funding is specifically identified for the Project.

“The leadership of Senators Sorvaag and Wardner, and Representatives Schmidt and Pollert, should be commended for their continued commitment to permanent flood protection for the citizens in Fargo and the surrounding area,” said MFDA Board Member and Mayor of Fargo Tim Mahoney. “This bonding proposal creates a strong foundation to meet the infrastructure needs of our great state, while relieving pressure on the Resources Trust Fund ensuring that all critical projects in the state can move forward.”

“We are grateful for the diligent work of legislative leadership. They continue to find innovative, financially sound solutions to funding critical infrastructure like the Diversion Project,” said MFDA Finance Committee Chair and Mayor of West Fargo Bernie Dardis. “With the State of North Dakota stepping up in a big way, and the legal and permitting hurdles behind it, the Diversion Project is moving forward and will benefit the people and businesses in the region for generations to come.”

Previous legislative intent for funding the Project was capped at $750M, of which $335.5 million was anticipated to be appropriated in future legislative sessions. The bonding proposal sponsored by Senators Warder and Sorvaag, along with Representatives Pollert and Schmidt, identifies an additional $100 million in order to meet the request made by MFDA Executive Director Joel Paulsen at a legislative hearing on January 11, 2021.

“Having worked closely with legislative leaders, it is clear they have a deep understanding of the need for permanent flood protection, along with a prudent use of state tax dollars in order to meet the needs of projects across the state of North Dakota,” said Paulsen.  “I look forward to continued discussions with legislators on the considerable construction progress being made now and in the years to come.”

For more information on House Bill 1431, please visit legis.nd.gov. For more information on the Project, visit FMDiversion.gov.

The MFDA is the governing authority managing the Project. The Project is designed to protect the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area during times of extreme flooding. It was developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the MFDA. The Project began construction in 2017 and is planned for completion in 2028.