The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) today released its permit decision on the FM Area Diversion Project. Although the DNR had previously made a Determination of Adequacy on the study of the Project, the DNR determined they could not approve the permit application at this time.

“Fargo-Moorhead continues to be at risk from flooding and are working hard to find solutions for our citizens,” said Del Rae Williams, Mayor of the City of Moorhead. “We will keep working with the DNR to address their concerns and find a resolution.”

A Dam Safety Permit was applied for in Minnesota in February. Work has been underway with the DNR to provide all requested additional information. In September, the Diversion Authority released and submitted a 177-page Mitigation Plan to the DNR.

The DNR concluded today that the permit application needs additional consideration to meet public safety requirements, be consistent with state and local land use, and more adaptive management methods need to be enhanced to bring the mitigation plan into compliance with Minnesota state requirements.

More permit applications are expected to be submitted as the Project will be permitted in phases in both states. Each permit authorizes specific activities and each has its own applicable timing, rules, and processes. Construction within Minnesota itself is not expected until 2019.

“We will keep working on this project, with the state of Minnesota, with upstream landowners and residents and doing our best to find resolution so we can build permanent flood protection for our citizens,” said Tim Mahoney, Mayor of the City of Fargo. “I sincerely hope that we can get all perspectives to the table so we can take care of those properties impacted by our efforts to provide flood protection for the property, people, and jobs located in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area.”

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