Some property owners in the Kindred, ND School District have expressed concern about the redistribution of the property tax burden due to a decrease in property tax values in Oxbow, ND. Earlier this year, the State Board of Equalization lowered the values in the City of Oxbow by 20 percent for 2012 because of the perceived impact the FM Area Diversion Project has had on property values.

The result of the devaluation of the Oxbow properties is a tax shift of about $51,000 that permits property owners in the City of Oxbow to pay less in property taxes while the rest of the property owners in the Kindred Public School District pay more to offset the lower taxes in Oxbow. The property tax increase to property owners in the Kindred School District who do not live in Oxbow equals $13.37 per $100,000 of residential property per year. For each $100,000 of agricultural or commercial property, the property tax increase equals an additional $14.85 per year.

Darrell Vanyo, Chairman of the Flood Diversion Board of Authority and Cass County Commissioner, says, “The Kindred Public School District has not lost any tax dollars this year because the property tax burden has been redistributed. The District’s residents who are affected by the increase will see that the rise in their property taxes is very minimal. In many cases, it will be less than $25 per year.”

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