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The Task Force established by North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton met for a second time on Wednesday, Nov. 1, in Moorhead. The group is working to find solutions and a path forward to protect Fargo and Moorhead from flooding.

All documents presented at the meeting, presentations given and a full video of the proceedings are available online here. An audio recording of the press conference following the meeting here.

“I thought it was a very good day,” Gov. Dayton said after the meeting on Wednesday. “We made really good progress. I thought it was a very informed discussion and we have an excellent group.”

“I thought we had another very productive meeting today,” Gov. Burgum said. “The task force members bring a diverse set of viewpoints but all collaborating towards an end goal. I think we have a lot of work ahead of us. There are still some big challenges. The solution is very complex but we are continuing to make progress under a tight timeline.”

Both Governors said they were pleased with the decisions made by the group and noted the complexity of finding a solution to meet the task force goals.

At the meeting, task force members unanimously approved three items

  • The Task Force charter was approved
  • The group will pursue 33,000 Cubic Feet per Second (CFS) as the flow data for a 100-year flood level
  • A technical advisory group will be convened by both governors to solicit and consider alternatives for meeting flood risk management goals.

Task force members include both governors and:

  • Jason Benson, Cass County Engineer
  • Ron Bergan, Fargo business leader and entrepreneur
  • Nathan Berseth, Richland County Commissioner
  • Bernie Dardis, Greater North Dakota Chamber Board Chairman
  • Craig Hertsgaard, Richland County farmer
  • Tami Norgard, Natural resources attorney
  • John Strand, Fargo City Commissioner
  • Ken Vein, Grand Forks City Council member
  • Del Rae Williams, Moorhead Mayor
  • Heidi Durand, Moorhead City Council Member
  • Joel Paulsen, Moorhead City Council Member
  • Jenny Mongeau, Clay County Commissioner
  • Tim Fox, Former Wilkin County Attorney
  • Mark Anderson, Treasurer of Buffalo-Red River Watershed District
  • Curt Johannsen, Hendrum Mayor
  • Steve Jacobson, Norman County Commissioner

The task force is charged with presenting recommendations by Dec. 15.