Diversion Board of Authority

Agenda for June 25, 2020

1. Call to order

2. Approve minutes from previous meeting (ACTION)

3. Approve order of Agenda (ACTION)


1. Financial Report [Attachment 01] (ACTION)

2. Voucher Approval (ACTION)


4. Finance Committee Appointment

5. Executive Director Report

6. USACE Project Update

7. General Counsel Update

8. Public Outreach

9. Land Management

a. Property Status Report [Attachment 02]

b. SBA Cell Phone Tower Easement [Attachment 03]

10. Finance

a. DA Board Approval Contract Actions (ACTION)

o HMG Task Order 1, Amendment 16 [Attachment 04]

Professional Liability Insurance $249,931

o HMG Task Order 16, Amendment 13 [Attachment 05]

Permit Submittal Preparation $240,480

o HMG Task Order 20, Amendment 05 [Attachment 06]

Work-In-Kind Design Services $169,730

11. Other Business

12. Next Meeting: July 23, 2020

13. Adjournment

Virtual Diversion Board Meeting Instructions and Notice

Please be advised that the Diversion Authority Board Meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 27, 2020, beginning at 4:00 PM will now be held in the Diversion Authority Office Conference Room (the old River Room), Fargo Civic Center. In compliance with North Dakota open meeting laws, there will be a speaker phone placed at this location to allow for the public to have physical access to the meeting since this meeting is being held virtually. However, the Diversion Authority requests and recommends that the public utilize the call-in number listed below in light of the COVID-19 recommendations from State and Federal officials.

Board meeting Call In number- 1-855-209-1113, Conference Code- 235-039-8866

This notice was sent in accordance with North Dakota open meeting laws.