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The FM Diversion Board of Authority is working quickly to comply with the temporary injunction issued by U.S. District Court Judge John A. Tunheim on Thursday.

The injunction temporarily halts construction on the FM Area Diversion Project.

While the Authority is working to halt construction where appropriate given the Court order, ensuring the public safety of the construction sites continues to be of the highest priority. Specifically, contractors are working to make areas along Cass County Road 17 south of Horace and Cass County Highway 81 in Oxbow accessible and safe for the surrounding communities and for those traveling on these active, regional thoroughfares.

The Diversion Authority will seek additional clarification from the District Court as outlined in the Judge’s order on flood protection construction efforts underway along the Red River through Fargo and in Oxbow.  The Diversion Authority will provide additional news updates regarding these construction efforts and their status. These updates will be posted at www.fmdiversion.gov.

Anyone with concerns or questions about public safety regarding any Diversion Authority related site, should email info@fmdiversion.gov.