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Flood Diversion Authority Logo 300_shadowborderThe Diversion Authority continues to focus on its two priorities: the development of levees within Fargo-Moorhead which will work in concert with the Fargo-Moorhead (FM) Area Diversion Project to eventually provide the best-possible flood risk reduction for the F-M area; and the development of a ring levee for the Oxbow/Hickson/Bakke area which will protect the communities from flooding in the Diversion Project’s Staging Area.

The priorities follow the passage of North Dakota House Bill 1020, signed into law by Governor Jack Dalrymple, which provides $100 million for flood protection efforts in Cass County. The legislation also provides legislative intent for a total of $450 million in state funding for the Diversion Project once certain conditions are met. The $100 million is included within the total $450 million.

The legislation specifies that the $100 million appropriated this biennium can be used only for levee and dike protection projects until the following conditions are met:

  1. The Diversion Project receives federal authorization.
  2. A project partnership agreement has been executed.
  3. A federal appropriation is provided for the project’s construction.
  4. The budget for the Diversion Project is approved by the State Water Commission.

HB1020 expresses the interest of the State Legislature in hearing biannual updates at the budget section on the status of these conditions along with information on crop insurance, easements, costs, and the status of ongoing mitigation efforts.

The legislation also allows for time for the mitigation of impacts from the Diversion Project on upstream communities. The legislation has language that prohibits construction, except for ring dikes and levees, south of Fargo’s extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction until July, 1 2014.

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