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Diversion Authority, City of Horace Approve Agreement on FM Area Diversion Project

The Diversion Authority and the City of Horace have approved a partnership to mitigate the impact of activities associated with the Diversion Project within and adjacent to the City of Horace.

Earlier this month, the Diversion Authority offered a cost-share agreement to the City of Horace for appropriate infrastructure projects, which could include assistance for the regionalization of water and wastewater services. The agreement provides Horace with funds of up to $5 million dollars for infrastructure. The Diversion Board of Authority unanimously approved the agreement August 22 and the City of Horace unanimously approved it August 27.

“We know the Diversion Project is a major facet of almost every community’s long-range planning efforts in the region, and the City of Horace is no different. We recognize the growth that the City of Horace has had in its community and we want to make sure we are helping foster its continued success.” Diversion Chair and Cass County Commissioner Mary Scherling said. “Finding a way to work together to achieve mutually desirable outcomes is what good governing is all about.”

The agreement also includes provisions for cooperation regarding the Public-Private Partnership (P3) that is anticipated to construct and maintain the 30-mile Diversion Channel that impacts portions of Horace’s city limits.

“This agreement assures that Horace gets a fair shake and allows for the Diversion Project to move forward. Our citizens should be happy with the result because our City will be better off because of it.” Kory Peterson, Mayor of Horace said. “We were able to accomplish this because all parties sat down and listened to each other’s needs and concerns.”

The City of Horace also recently sent a letter to the City of Fargo requesting water and wastewater service. The City of Fargo has recently completed a study of water and wastewater infrastructure needs in the southwest metro area, including areas adjacent to the City of Horace. The City of Fargo has further committed to work collaboratively with the City of Horace to incorporate its needs into the infrastructure study.

“The metro area works best when we all work together to make infrastructure more efficient and cost-effective for our residents and taxpayers,” said Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney, who has attended several recent Horace City Council Meetings. “Fargo has had a lot of mutually beneficial success with neighboring communities in the regionalization of services and I see that same potential with Horace.”