The Flood Diversion Board of Authority has approved a budget for the F-M Area Diversion Project for 2015.

The $211 million budget includes approximately $100 million for land acquisition activities; and $80 million for the construction of intown levies in Fargo and Moorhead as well as the construction of the Oxbow-Hickson-Bakke Ring Levee Project.

“The main focus for the next year would be working in Oxbow and the in-town levees with ongoing engineering and some possible land purchases for the channel, if we get to the point when we have some appropriation to continue,” said Michael Montplaisir, Cass County Auditor. “The funds would come from the county (Cass) and city (Fargo) sales tax, about $13 million each. We’ve estimated what we’d get for appropriations through the state of North Dakota through our reimbursement process…and then loan advances on a $100 million loan that we’ve started working on” with U.S. Bank.

The Diversion Authority presented the proposed budget to the North Dakota State Water Commission on September 15. The members of the Commission unanimously approved the additional cost-share agreement, releasing approximately $93 million appropriated during previous legislative sessions.

The proposed budget will now be forwarded to Cass and Clay Counties, the Cities of Fargo and Moorhead, the Cass County Joint Water Resources District, and the Buffalo-Red River Watershed District for approval.

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