The Flood Diversion Authority’s Agricultural Policy Subcommittee will meet again on Tuesday, August 14, to discuss a number of issues.

The Subcommittee is scheduled to receive a Diversion Project bridge design criteria update, and take part in a discussion of the Federal Crop Insurance Program and the effect of the Diversion Project’s staging and storage area on the insurance coverage of farmers who own agricultural land in the affected area.

In addition, members will hear details about a local drainage study being completed for the portion of the project between the BNSF Prosper Subdivision railroad line and the outlet. The purpose of the study is to incorporate plans for re-establishing of local drainage, as well as handling drainage during the period of construction activities. The results of this study are being forwarded to the design teams for incorporation into the final design of the Diversion Project.

The August meeting of the Agricultural Policy Subcommittee will be held at a new location: the Cass County Highway Department building at 1201 Main Avenue West in West Fargo on Tuesday, August 14, 2012, at 7:00 pm.

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