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POSITION TITLE: Director of Finance

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

OPENING DATE: November 4, 2020

CLOSING DATE: November 27, 2020

See PDF of the Position Description


The Fargo-Moorhead Metro Flood Diversion Authority (DA), created in 2016, is a local governmental entity of five members authorized to develop the Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Project (the Diversion Project).  The DA is about to enter the construction phase of the project with a primary goal of permanent flood protection with the project’s completion by the spring of 2028. The Diversion Project has a complex funding system to provide the required $2.8 billion that is inclusive of multiple Federal, State, and Local funding sources.  Each funding source has specific complex requirements, specific administrative protocols and approved expenditures for the project.

The DA is seeking to expand its staff to include a Director of Finance (DF).  The five key results areas for the DF are: (1) Financial Management; (2) Communication; (3) Leadership; (4) Strategic Thinking; and (5) Policy Development and Compliance. The DF will be responsible for the overall financial management of the Diversion Project.  Interested candidates should have a strong management background and proven leadership experience with a municipality, State or Federal agency, or corporate entity. In addition, governmental accounting and financial management involving various Federal, State and Local funding sources would be helpful.

The DA was created through the Joint Powers Agreement between the City of Moorhead (MN), the City of Fargo (ND), Clay County (MN), Cass County (ND), and the Cass County Joint Water Resource District (collectively, the Member Entities), the DA is managed by a Board of Directors (the Board) and an Executive Director (ED).  Additional information on the DA and the Diversion Project can be found here:

The selected DF must be able to: cooperate with others to set, pursue and attain achievable goals, regardless of obstacles or circumstances; identify, prioritize and complete required actions to achieve timely results; analyze DA history, complex situations and innovative concepts to drive results; and develop, maintain and improve financial management systems and procedures.

The ED and DF – together – will: assure that financial resources are programmed in a responsible manner in alignment with efficient and effective construction of the project as recommended by the project engineers and financial advisors congruent with the program budget and long-term financial plan; assure that all funds expended are properly procured, adequately approved, documented and reported; and develop strong and healthy working relationships with all stakeholders, vendors, financial advisors and external agencies.

The DF will work closely with Member Entity staff, legal consultants, engineering consultants and financial advisors, and funding partners (Federal, State, and local government entities); continual coordination and communication with these entities and consultants on the Diversion Project finances is required.

The selected DF will enter into an employment agreement with the DA and will work for and report only to the ED.  The DF will receive benefit and retirement packages through Cass County pursuant to an agreement between Cass County and the Diversion Authority.   The DA is an equal opportunity employer.


The selected Director of Finance (DF) will have overall responsibility for the management of all financial aspects required for the successful completion of the Diversion Project, including such tasks as program level and annual operations budgeting; financial reporting to management and key stakeholders; financial reporting, as required, for specific funding sources; internal controls to ensure that all funds expended are properly procured, approved, documented and reported; oversight of stakeholder funding and debt management; coordination with program advisors, financial advisors and legal counsel to monitor debt compliance; management of cash disbursements to ensure they receive the appropriate level of approval and are adequately documented; and administration of insurance and risk management programs.

Examples of DF responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Manage and oversee the program level budget including both the long-term financial plan and the annual operating budgets.
  • Manage and oversee stakeholder funding agreements and capital financing needed for the project.
  • Prepare and deliver monthly financial reports to DA management, DA Finance Committee, key stakeholders, and other governmental entities providing funding/financing for the Diversion Project.
  • Develop and manage an internal accounting controls system to ensure that funds are properly procured and expended appropriately per the requirements of their funding source. The internal accounting controls system must also serve as a means of documentation for regular reporting and financial audits.
  • Develop strong and healthy working relationships with all stakeholders, vendors, financial advisors, and external agencies.
  • Oversee long-term debt in coordination with program advisors, financial advisors and legal counsel.
  • Analyze complex financial plans and documents as well as monitor debt compliance.
  • Ensure that the appropriate level of approval is received for all payment requests such as confirming contracts support work directives and invoices prior to authorization.
  • Coordinate payments with DA Fiscal Agent and Trustee.
  • Serve as a point of contact to DA Finance Committee, City, County, State, and Federal officials, area elected officials and others interested in or regulating the financial operations of the DA.
  • Work with insurance carriers and other professionals to adequately administer approved insurance and risk management programs that are part of the Diversion Project.
  • Attend meetings with Member Entities’ staff, the USACE, the Program Management Consultant, consultants, and stakeholders on financial matters related to the development of the Diversion Project.
  • Perform other duties as requested.


This position requires an individual who is diplomatic and has the ability and perseverance to understand and work through the financials details of the DA’s highly complicated program.  Key attributes include planning and organization, working well within a team, strong written and verbal communication skills, and attention to detail while at the same time having the ability to see the overall funding picture.  This position is made for a person with a high level of integrity and ethics and a strong drive to get the job done while ensuring it is done right.

Minimum qualifications for individuals interested in applying for the DF position shall include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, finance, or a related business field
  • Current licensure as a Certified Public Accountant
  • 15+ years of financial management experience
  • Financial management in a leadership role with government agencies and/or municipalities or corporate entities
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of Federal, State and Local funding sources, including grants, and contract compliance
  • Excellent communication skills for effective public presentations and communications with elected officials and stakeholders


The purpose of this position description is to serve as a general summary and overview of the major responsibilities and duties of the DF position.  It is not intended to represent the entirety of the position nor is it intended to be all-inclusive.  The selected DF may be requested to perform other work duties not specifically listed herein.


Interested candidates should email the following materials to Cindy Stoick at on or before 5:00 PM central standard time on November 27, 2020.

  • Signed Cover Letter (1-page maximum)
  • Current Resume (to include salary history; 3 pages maximum)
  • Signed Position Description Document (3 pages)
  • Three (3) Professional References – contact information only (1 page maximum)


I acknowledge that I have read and understand this position description.  I understand that the position description is not intended to be all-inclusive.  I also understand that if selected to serve as the Director of Finance, I may be requested to perform other duties not expressly listed within this position description.

Candidate Signature                   Date


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