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A mitigation project by the Corps of Engineers which would remove the Wild Rice Dam down to approximately the adjacent river bed is undergoing public review until September 18, 2014.

The Wild Rice Dam Removal Mitigation Project is described in Corps of Engineers documents posted here on fmdiversion.com.

The Wild Rice Dam is one of at least two dams on the Wild Rice River and remains a barrier to fish during periods when the dam is not “washed out” by high water.  It is also very close to key structures that would potentially limit fish movement on the Wild Rice River under the broader flood risk management project for the Fargo-Moorhead area.  As such, this dam is an excellent candidate for mitigation actions for the potential effects to connectivity on the Wild Rice River, and the proposed action would offset potentially significant environmental impacts.

All comments regarding the Wild Rice Dam Removal Mitigation Project will become an official part of the Corp’s administrative record and will be available for public examination.  Links to comment by e-mail and to project documents are found here.  The documents also contain instructions for those who wish to comment directly to the Corps of Engineers by phone or U.S. Mail.