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Doc date:   June 1, 2015

Editor’s notes:  Cemetery Mitigation Study was conducted to analyze mitigation alternatives for each of the potentially impacted cemetery sites.  Site specific analysis of mitigation alternatives formulated for each cemetery considered the existing site conditions, the impacts of staged water due to the Project at the site, and the overall feasibility of the plan.

The Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Fargo-Moorhead Metropolitan Area Flood Risk Management Project (Project), stated that the cemeteries in the staging area of the Project would be evaluated on a case by case basis in the future.

After the Supplemental Environmental Assessment was finalized in September 2013, information was gathered on cemeteries in the region to get a better understanding of potential Project impacts, to identify potential mitigation measures that could be used to offset Project impacts, and to form a general understanding of flooding issues associated with regional cemeteries.

A “Cemetery Assessment Team” was formed and consisted of members from the Corps of Engineers (Corps) and the local sponsors and included geotechnical, hydraulic, civil site layout and county/city engineers, an archaeologist, a biologist/forestry specialist, and project managers.

An effort was made to identify all cemeteries located within areas benefitted and impacted by the project and to visit, photograph, and analyze each site A comprehensive search was conducted to determine points of contact (POCs) for a majority of the 54 cemeteries on the list; the names and contact information are not included herein for privacy reasons.

Site POC’s are cemetery caretakers, church board representatives, farmers, etc. Of the 54 cemeteries identified in the region, 28 are located within the benefitted area, 2 are located along the Buffalo River in Minnesota, 2 are located west of Project, and 22 are located upstream of the Project. Eleven of the cemeteries located upstream of the Project would potentially be impacted by the Project. Of the 11 potentially impacted sites, 7 are located within the Project’s designated staging area and 4 are located outside and upstream of the staging area.

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