A temporary bypass road reconnecting traffic on Cass County 17 south of Horace has been completed and the road has been reopened.

The bypass road was constructed west of the original road alignment because of the large excavation in the area.

“Ensuring the road is safe for winter was our main priority,” Cass County Engineer Jason Benson said.

Cass County 17 south of Horace, ND was closed earlier this summer as part of construction of the FM Area Diversion Project. An injunction stopping construction of the Diversion Project halted re-opening of Cass County 17. All parties agreed on the importance of getting the road opened as quickly as possible, which led to the mutually-agreeable stipulated order.

The bypass is temporary, and the final alignment of the road will have to be determined in the future.

Work, allowed by an earlier court ruling, continues on flood protection for the Oxbow-Hickson-Bakkee communities. Paving on Cass County Highway 81 is expected to be completed by next week allowing that road to reopen. Oxbow Drive has been paved and reopened.