The Agricultural Policy Subcommittee held its first meeting on May 30th at 7:00 pm at the Dakota Ag Cooperative Board Room in Kindred, North Dakota. The meeting was attended by 17 people, including eight from across the area who represented the agricultural community. The subcommittee’s mission is to tackle the agricultural impacts associated with the diversion project and develop recommendations for possible mitigation solutions to the Diversion Authority.

At the first meeting, members heard an overview of the Diversion Project, information on the 100-year flood levels within the staging area, and held a general discussion of agricultural issues.

Members also talked about the impacts of the diversion channel on local drainage outside the channel, expectations for maintenance of the channel and surrounding drainage, effects of staged water on crop yields, crop insurance programs and delayed planting impacts, flowage easement valuation, and the balance between risk tolerance and easement payments.

A draft communications plan aimed at agricultural issues has been drafted in cooperation with the Corps of Engineers. The draft plan will be revised and finalized with input from members.