The Diversion Project is a 20,000 cubic feet per second, 36-mile long, 1,500 foot-wide diversion channel with 32,500 acres of upstream staging.

  • This plan was chosen after years of diligent study, public input and joint cooperation between the city of Fargo; the city of Moorhead; Cass County, North Dakota; Clay County, Minnesota; the Joint Cass Water Resource District; and the Buffalo-Red River Watershed District.
  • The FM Diversion would reduce a 100-year flood event from 42.4 feet to 35 feet at the Fargo gage. For reference, the 2009 flood of record peaked at 40.8 feet.
  • Though not designed to prevent a 500-year flood event, the FM Diversion would give the area a chance by reducing the river level in Fargo from 46.7 feet to 40 feet during a 500-year event.
  • The plan includes 150,000 acre-feet of upstream staging. The staging area would only be used for flood events exceeding a 10-year event, or a 35-foot event in Fargo.

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