Diversion Authority Finance Committee


4 P.M. – Wednesday, August 26, 2020

In-Person & Virtual Meeting

This meeting will be in-person at Fargo City Hall Commission Chambers and online.

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  1. Call to order
    1. Roll Call of Members
  2. Approve minutes from previous meeting (ACTION)
  3. .Approval of Bills (ACTION)
  4. Financial Report [Attachment 01] (ACTION)
  5. Executive Director Financial Report [Attachment 02]
  6. Contracting Actions [Attachment 03]
    1. DA Board Approval Contract Actions
      1. AON Professional Services MSA and Task Order 3, Amendment 0 [Attachment 03.01] (ACTION)
    2. Executive Director-Approved Contract Actions (FOR INFORMATION) [Attachment 03.02]
    3. CCJWRD-Approved Contract Actions (FOR INFORMATION) [Attachment 03.03]
    4. MCCJPA-Approved Contract Actions (FOR INFORMATION) [Attachment 03.04]
  7. Other Business
    1. Eide Bailey Audit Results Presentation (FOR INFORMATION) [Attachment 04.00]
    3. Property Acquisition Status Report (FOR INFORMATION) [Attachment 04.01]
    4. Land Acquisition Directive for Wetland Restoration Project (ACTION) [Attachment 04.02]
    5. Rural Impact Mitigation Program: (FOR INFORMATION) Forgivable Loan Term Sheet
    6. ND SWC Cost Share Application (FOR INFORMATION) [Attachment 04.03]
  8. Next Meeting: September 23, 2020
  9. Adjournment


Media and Public Participation Information

There are multiple ways to attend or watch this public meeting.

– View the Meeting on Fargo TV or at www.TVFargo.com

– View the Meeting on the City of Fargo’s Facebook or Twitter feed.

– View the Meeting at FMDiversion.com/Meeting

– View the Meeting at Twitter.com/FMDiversion

– Listen to the meeting by calling the free conference call number

o Call in number: 701-298-6904

o Conference Code: 3632#